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About Me

Everybody has a story.

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Tina has over 10 years in the nutrition industry from creating healthy recipes to meal preps and publishing a cookbook with Simon & Schuster in 2018, one of the biggest book publishers in the US.


Her passion for fitness and healthy eating comes through in her popular blog and Instagram page, where she shares recipes and tips on living a healthy lifestyle. She is also a mom of two who understands the daily challenges that busy women face. 


Her food philosophy: “healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or complicated”. This perspective, along with her passion for healthy eating, enables her to create simple and delicious recipes that anyone can make and enjoy.  


With her industry experience and nutrition certification training from Precision Nutrition, Tina is an ideal Nutrition Coach if you are looking to ditch restrictive diets for good, create a healthy & sustainable lifestyle, and transform your body and sense of wellbeing!

How it all started...

I first started my fitness journey in late 2012 when the physical results weren’t measuring up to the efforts I was putting in at the gym despite endless exercise sessions. After some time spent researching, and conversations with my fitness instructors, it was clear that I needed to focus on nutrition and diet in order to achieve my fitness goals. However, at the time, working full-time along with working towards my MBA presented a few hurdles to this goal, as it was nearly impossible for me to find the time to cook fresh healthy meals on a daily basis. The only possible way was to prep the entire week’s meal ahead of time on the weekend… And this was how @fitchickscook was born!

I started sharing my fitness and wellness journey on my IG page and cataloging my weekly meal prepping. At first, my only goal was to use this page to keep myself accountable. But now, my followers base has grown to more than one-hundred thousand!

I am truly humbled by this entire experience. I have a passion for fitness and healthy eating because I know that doing so has really helped me change my life for the better. It’s given me more energy, better sleep and just a happier self. I also really want to share this with all of you because I genuinely enjoy helping people.


So thank you for your support and follow. It really does keep me going.

I can’t wait to continue to share my journey with all of you.



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