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Day 3

Mindset & Relationship with Food

My motto is "healthy eating does NOT have to be boring, bland or complicated!"

My TOP tip for healthy eating:

Add spices and herbs to your food!

This will add tons of flavor without extra calories!

Shift your mindset of healthy eating to abundance instead of restriction!

I've attached a list of whole foods that you can eat. It also shows how often you should eat the various types as well! 

Download my Whole Foods List here!


Eat mostly whole foods and minimize processed foods.

Whole Foods List mock up.png

Tina Jamison
Certified Nutrition Coach/Cookbook Author

Tina is a Certified Nutrition Coach who helps busy women lose weight by teaching them how to make healthier, sustainable food choices without feeling restrictive or deprived!

Tina also has over 10 years in the nutrition industry from creating healthy recipes to meal preps and publishing a cookbook with Simon & Schuster in 2018, one of the biggest book publishers in the US.

Book a FREE Call!

Want to discover ways to eat more with less stress and find more food freedom?

I am offering a Free Discovery Call where we can strategize a roadmap for your weight-loss journey.

On this call, we will:

  • Dive into your wellness/weight-loss goals and talk about what your vision of health look like

  • Talk about your current challenges & obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your wellness goals

  • Talk about solutions, next steps, and a thorough plan to get to your goals

Can't wait to get connected with you!

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